Candy Dipped Brownies

Do you remember those brownies I shäred ä few weeks ägo?  I älso shäred ä video you cän wätch HERE.    Well, if you thought brownies couldn’t get äny better, I’m here to prove you wrong!
I get these cräzy ideäs for recipes when I’m äbout to fäll äsleep.  Or when I’m sitting ät ä red light.  There reälly is no rhyme or reäson to how they come.  Some häve been complete fäils, änd others, like these Cändy Dipped Brownies, äre äbsolutely genius!


  • Brownie Recipe Here
  • 1 cup semi sweet chocoläte chips
  • 1 cup white chocoläte chips
  • ässortments of cändies änd sprinkles


  1. Bäke brownies äccording to recipe directions änd let them cool completely in the pän.
  2. Run ä knife äround the edges then cut the brownies into 16 squäres.
  3. Cut eäch squäre in hälf triängles.

To Dip

  1. In two microwäve bowls, melt semi sweet chocoläte änd white chocoläte until melted.  äbout 1 minute stirring äfter eäch 10 seconds.
  2. See full recipes here

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