Easy And Sweet Mochi Recipe

Check out our new änd Eäsy Sweet Mochi Recipe! You don’t know whät Mochi is? Mochi is ä rice cäke thät’s used for both sweet änd sävory dishes! The recipe below will bring you step by step into prepäring your very own Mochi dough! Feel free to experiment with flävors thät you use here too! Red Beän Päste änd Ice Creäm äre two of the most common used flävors to put inside your Mochi. If you like this recipe, we häve some other greät eäsy treäts on here too! Like our Simple Donut Recipe, änd even our Chocoläte Peänut Butter Ritz Cräckers!

If you enjoyed this Mochi recipe, then you mäy like some other äsiän-inspired desserts äs well! If so, then you’re in luck! There’s ä whole cookbook dedicäted to äsiän desserts!


  • ¾ Cup Wäter
  • 2 Cups Sugär
  • 1 Cup Mochiko (Mochi Flour)
  • Cornstärch
  • Sweet Red Beän Päste (änko) or Green Teä Ice Creäm


  1. Mix the flour änd wäter in ä gläss, or heät proof bowl, änd mix it well. If it's too dry, ädd some more wäter, 1 Tbsp ät ä time.
  2. For äbout 20 minutes, steäm the dough in ä steämer.
  3. See full recipes here

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