Homemade potato chips, So Crunchy

We always love homemade dishes. When mom serves us food, it makes us pretty excited to taste those. It would be awesome if we make our one of the favorite snacks at home. Yeah, I am talking about potato chips. This is so delicious, crispy and great as a quick snack.


We can buy packets of potato chips of various flavor from any market. But it has preservatives which might be hazardous to our health if we take it so much. As we like to lead a healthy life, we should avoid such food ingredients. Okay, I cannot live without taking this snack because I am very fond of this snack. Of course, you are also! I discussed with my mom about this issue and she asked me not to worry anymore. Surprisingly she came back with a bowl of potato chips made by her! It tasted pretty nice and crispy.

Isn't it good to share with you such a fantastic and easy recipe for you all? Yeah, through this article, I am going to share with you how you can make this snack quickly at home.

First of all, you have to arrange for these ingredients.

6 potatoes middle size
Olive oil
Red paprika
Salt and pepper
Wash the potatoes with a cold water
Cut the potatoes to a thin slices. Place the slices in cold water until you are done with cutting.
Remove the water from the potatoes. Take some kitchen cloth and dry the potatoes so that they are crunchy.
On the baking sheet add the olive oil.
Place the potato slices near each other.
Add salt, pepper and red paprika and add little bit more olive oil.
Baking in  200°C
30 min or leave it longer if you want more crunchiness.

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